Much has been made recently of the redesigned It came top of Pandia’s list of alternatives to Google , and LibrarianInBlack wrote a compelling list of Ten Reasons Librarians Should Use Instead of Google.’s Senior User Experience Analyst is today interviewed on SearchEngineWatch’s SearchDay newsletter, and gives the inside story on how the company successfully re-engineered its web site .
I don’t know that anything will ever replace Google entirely, it is pretty good for quick and dirty searching, and its advanced options are handy, particularly site searching, but it is good to know what else is out there, for when Google doesn’t have the answer, for when we want to be extra thorough (which, as a librarian, I know should be all the time, but really it isn’t always feasible (or necessary)), and that we do have a choice. is a good alternative, though one I haven’t really used that much in the past. But I intend to have a closer look in the future, and add it to my list of Google alternatives.

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