Googling or Asking?

Google are upset at people using the term Google to mean searching generally: Do You Google?
It’s ok to say “I googled him on the well-known website”, but not “I googled him on Yahoo”.

I think Phil Bradley has the right idea: “I’m tempted to ask the Google lawyers if it’s correct use to say ‘Shove it up your Google'”

Ask have now added their amusing take on it – You Do and/or May, In Fact, “Ask” (or “ask”) – with an interesting etymology of “ask” and an explanation of the difference between ask and Ask.
The best bits:
“Q: Can I Ask on Google?
A: No, no, and no. You are welcome to ask on Google, however.
Q: Can I ask on Ask?
A: You can ask on, but remember that you can also search on”

“Example: “While asking on Ask Yahoo, Timmy was referred to Google in hopes of googling for more answers. There he googled, and all was well.”
Comments: What a wonderful time to be alive.”

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