Librarians: images and stereotype busting

Librarians: we’re not what you think is an essay about librarians and their public image, and how great we are basically. It has lots of fun pictures too of librarians from the web, movies, and TV. Yes, Giles is there! Of course.

Librarian Avengers has blogged about a couple of Librarian outfits – including a Sexy Librarian outfit from Zoogster Costumes, and a Librarian Costume from Target. Not sure whether to be pleased we are moving away from the old stereotype of old woman with a bun, or just very very scared.

And of course, Ms. Dewey, who, while not being particularly good as a search engine (and therefore not exactly helping the image – we’re much better than she is!), is again a step forward from old lady with bun syndrome.

Sites that challenge the stereotypical image of a librarian:
Lipstick Librarian
Illustrated Librarian
Wear lipstick, have a tattoo, belly-dance, then get naked: The making of a virtual librarian – Impact magazine
The Image of Librarians in Pornography!
Librarians in the Movies

Plus, lots of Librarian pictures (many of which are flattering or funny) from a Google image search!

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