Justis 2.0

Justis 2.0 is up and running, and seems good so far. The links to JustCite are probably very good if you also subscribe to JustCite, otherwise, seems pretty much the same as the old Justis, with a few added bits and bobs (ie JustCite style links to related cases) – though it does look quite different. You can’t download as rtf anymore by the looks of things, just html or pdf (not a big problem). A Quick Search tutorial is available.

Content hasn’t changed:

  • Official Series (Queens Bench, Kings Bench, Appeal Cases, Chancery Division) 1865 –
  • Weekly Law Reports 1953 –
  • The English Reports 1220 – 1873

Searching is easy – there is a quick search box on the front screen, which (if you have the box ticked) will suggest as you type – this can be useful if you’re not sure of the spelling of a party. Otherwise you can click on Cases to bring up a structured (and very like the old Justis’) search page. You can still browse, if you so desire.
The results screen gives you the option to print, email or download multiple documents (in html format only).
Or you can click into a result to view the document. You can Print, Email, or Download directly from this screen using the options (again html only), or you can open the document as a pdf and then print or save from there. The pdf version is scanned from the original text and is admissible in court.

The document screen has some green tabs at the top. Clicking on these gives you further information related to the case:

  • the ‘Also Reported in’ tab provides a list of other report series which reported this case
  • the ‘Cases Considered’ tab gives a list of cases which this case considers
  • the ‘Subsequent Cases’ tab lists later cases which refer to this case (for checking the case history)
  • the ‘Legislation Cited’ tab is only available to JustCite subscribers, who can link to any legislation cited in the case
  • the ‘Related Articles’ tab is also only available to JustCite subscribers, who can link to any articles cited in the case

The My Justis tab remembers your previous searches/documents history (with a calendar!), which can be handy. You can also save searches and set up alerts.

Generally, I like it. I think that it looks a bit messy (the top sections of the results and document screens seem a bit cluttered), and it is annoying that you have to have the Legislation and Articles tabs even if you don’t subscribe to JustCite (ok, so only annoying to non-JustCite subscribers!), but otherwise, it’s good. The help section is thorough (if not a little over the top, especially the way it slowly slides out). I like the history sections under My Justis (though not the name My Justis, anymore than the name Justis 2.0). Basically, it works fine (which is the most important thing) – there are no problems with the functionality, searches and downloads are quite speedy, and the related cases tabs are useful.

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