For people who love words, and I’m sure there are a lot of us, there are a few new sites up.

First is Wordie – which describes itself as “Like Flickr, but without the photos”. Wordie lets you make lists of words – you can have more than one list – for example, words you like, words you hate, strange words, words to do with biology or whatever. No definitions – though there are links to definitions of the words on various online dictionaries and Google and Wikipedia.

Verbotomy, found via Walking Paper, is a great site where they give you a definition, and you have to come up with a word for it. Results in some very very silly words, obviously.

This reminds me of The Meaning of Liff – that wonderful book by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd.

DingQuote has been described as “Flickr for words”, but is in fact for keeping quotes – not so much ones from famous folk – but more for things you’ve heard people say. You can tag the quotes, and even submit them by text.

If you do like words, then you might also like to have a look at:

WordWizard – a resource for the origins of words, and their usage – includes sections on insults, quotes and slang.

WordAssociation.org – Play word associations with the computer – type in the first word that comes into your head.

The Random Word Generator will generate a random new word for you, should the current set of existing words prove inadequate.

Dictionary.com‘s Word of the Day is always good for learning new words, or to feel smug if you already know them!

The Free Dictionary has a customizable home page in the style of Google, with word of the day, quote of the day, a little game called Match Up, where you match words with their synonyms, and a hangman game. All good fun, and you can add their widgets to your Google home page too.

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