What I’ve been reading

I’ve not had a huge amount of time for posting recently – but I have been doing lots and lots (and lots) of reading. I’ve added a few things to del.icio.us as well.

Mapping your Website Redesign Strategy by Maish Nichani- an excellent, and nicely short article which looks at the ‘Eliminate, Reduce, Raise, Create’ framework.

The End User Manifesto – seen on Gaping Void – a list of 14 points that should be considered when creating software.

26 Tips to keep your computer up and functioningLifehack – a nice list of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly tasks

Eye-gaze patterns while searching vs browsing a website – by Sav Shrestha & Kelsi Lenz (found via Column Two) – an article on how people look at webpages when searching and browsing. Very interesting.

Inviting Participation, Part 5: Specific Tools – MySpaceDavid Lee King – number 5 of the series, this one is on MySpace – not something I use or know anything about, nor that is particularly useful to me – I very much doubt any of the lawyers use it! But interesting nonetheless.

Growing your own Search Engine By Stephen Abram in December’s Information Outlook – a list of places where you can build your own search engine, and an overview of how to do it.

RSS, Blogs and Wikis – Karen Blakeman’s latest presentation.

Thoughts on being a manager – by the Librarian in Black. Made me smile by quoting Jack O’Neill – surely an expert on many many things!

And in a lighter vein:
Ambigram.net – fun and pretty! Information about ambigrams, and a 3d amibgram generator.

Cerado’s Web 2.0 or Star Wars Quiz – just funny!

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