Things I want

I’m not feeling very well today, so to cheer myself up I’ve been doing some virtual window shopping…

This T shirt from Errorwear has a broken image icon on it. It made me smile.

This one I found on the What I Learned Today blog. It’s from Geek Label.

There are lots of fun products on Kimbooktu‘s blog! I especially like the Book Perfume, Cabinets, and Wallpaper

Of course, there is always Cafe Press for fun designs, like a Librarian Tshirt or Mug

Homeroom Direct has these librarian socks:

and slightly more scarily a Beaded Eyeglass/Id Holder and a “So Many Books” Lounge Wear Set!

Novelkeys sells keychains and paperweights etc with a book-theme

And then of course there are the less work-related items I want:

Harry Potter (I can at least get this, though I guess I have to wait)

USB Missile Launcher

A jukebox from the Jukebox showroom.

And the silliest thing I’ve seen:

Sudoku loo roll!

3 comments on “Things I want

  1. BabyBarista says:

    The missile launcher should be good for the library

  2. lo-fi librarian says:

    You must be feeling poorly if you are considering purchasing librarin socks. Fight the fever and don’t do it.

  3. Lore Librarian says:

    I am feeling much better now, and am relieved that in my fevered-state I didn’t make any foolish purchases. Still want the missile launcher and the juke box though! Might get into a teensy-bit of trouble for launching missiles in the library. But it would be so handy for when those troublesome lawyers come in with their pesky enquiries! I think it could be worth it.

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