Ok, so I’ve been feeling rather lazy recently, and haven’t done much in the way of posting. I’ve been really busy at work, so have slacked off in other areas I guess. But I have been keeping up with my reading (just about, there’s so much to keep up with!), and here’s what has caught my eye:

Column Two‘s How to write good FAQ’s (hey that rhymes!)
WikiWrit, a wiki ‘holy book’, found via Monkey Bites which makes me feel a bit better about the world after my horror of seeing the abomination that is Conservapedia (which I am so not linking to).

Lots of articles about how annoying Snap is:
Snap makes me crazyLibrarian in Black
Does Snap Make You Snap?lo fi Librarian
Is Snap Preview the most hated Web 2.0 function ever?Guardian Technology

So many things about Yahoo Pipes that I’m not sure I can take any more! I will have to look into this more, but just not now!

Lis-Bloggers mailing list – looks like being a great resource.

I’ve also been reading with interest the debate over Bloglines vs Google Reader (both on blogs, and the Lis-Bloggers list), and I have to say, I’m sticking with Bloglines. I tried both for a while, but I do prefer Bloglines, possibly because I am used to it, and all its problems (better the devil you know and all).

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