Risky Business – Blogging

Saw this post on Joho The Blog’s blog this morning (Fired simply for having a blog). Surely this is unfair dismissal! It’s certainly unfair anyway.

There are plenty of other cases of people being sacked for their blogs, but mostly (as far as I know) the person was not anonymous, and/or mentioned their employer in some way (whether or not their dismissal was fair is another question):

Of blogging and unemployment:
I was fired for blogging

Plus, the NY Times wrote an interesting article about it: Job Posting

It has all got me thinking as to my own reasons for being anonymous on my blog, and wondering how many other bloggers remain anonymous, and for what reasons.

Fear/Comfort/The ability to express yourself openly/Self-consciousness?

And if you are ‘fessing up to your identity – why? Was it a conscious decision? Did it even occur to you to be anonymous?

*Update – Sacked blogger wins tribunal case

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