Interesting Things of the Week # 5 &# 6

Last week (#5) (ok, so I totally forgot to actually publish this last week. Oops!)
Advantages of dating librarians – true. Very true.

Web words baffle the blogosphereIWR

George Orwell and Plain Language in LawLibrary Boy

New Ways to do it: Making giving books away less painfulNew York Times

Unshelved’s latest series of cartoons with Internet & Library – so funny!

This week(#6)
Nemesis, Choosing a from a Librarians guide to etiquette

Using RSS in the libraryLibrarian in black

7 habits of highly effective librariansLibrary Boy

Amateurs can be good and bad newsGuardian

Free ebooks all month World Almanac

20 tricks to nuke a bad habitZen Habits

Unshelved – So true, and so depressing. And at least Dewey gets interesting books to read. Who wants to read Chitty on Contracts, or the latest Butterworths Company Law Handbook?

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