Interesting Things of the Week #7

Two articles this week about ‘The Future’:
Article in Update (annoyingly not available online) – “will law librarians be hit by legal process outsourcing?”
Embracing Intangible Law Libraries from Legal Technology, found via Library Stuff

And loads about our image, including:
What Do Librarians Do?
Take the “Hip” Librarians, Please
Much Ado about Shushers
Librarians: Cool or Stressed Out?
Librarians: Stereotype 2.0

I want one of these: found via Librarian in Black

US info pros plug into Web 2.0 computing !

Some Ways To Give Good Tech Support

Sketchfu – fun, thanks to Sites and Soundbites

Isomorphic Bookmarks (for books) – 🙂 and sort of sad that you need to specify that a bookmark is for books.

Librarian vocational guidance film from the Internet Archive – don’t know what it’s like, as it is blocked by the firewall 😦

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