Lexis? Nexis?

Received a couple of emails last week to tell me that “In direct response to your feedback regarding our product names and how similar they are, we are re-branding our flagship News & Business service to Nexis UK.”

I am not too sure how this is meant to help. How is Nexis UK not similar to the other product names? I didn’t have too many problems with News & Business, other than people occasionally confusing it with LNB (the legal platform). But now I am going to get confused with Nexis UK and Nexis.com (and what is the difference anyway?). Just like the confusion between Lexis.com and Lexis Professional (both of which get referred to as Lexis) (and again – what is the difference in content?). Why do Lexis insist on adding Lexis or Nexis or both to all of their products? It is so confusing that even they don’t know which is which – I have resorted (following problems with people being assigned access to the wrong service) to referring to the different products by our different subscription codes.

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