Interesting things of the week #14

Google 1407

Brain Games ( via

How Well Does Google Translator Cope With Idioms? From Google Blogoscoped

What Happened To The Personal Web Site via BiblioTechWeb

Two from Phil Bradley’s I Want ToClutterme and Disposable Web Page

Feedbooks via Librarian in Black

Shelf Check’s 100th strip

Real life plot twists of famous authors vis LisNews

LawBore redesign

Plus – The New York Times has moved to free content, the Financial Times avoids fully free, but offers 30 day access*- and it looks like the Wall Street Journal may go free too. With the Guardian, Independent, Telegraph and the Times already wholly or partly available for free, it may mean current awareness can, in the not too distant future, be done via RSS feeds, or Google News searches (or both), ending our dependency on certain paid-for services!

*not quite sure what impact this will have on the FT’s embargo on Lexis.

2 comments on “Interesting things of the week #14

  1. James Mullan says:

    LoreLibrarian, FT access via LexisNexis will be even more expensive as you will require a licence direct with the FT!

  2. Lore Librarian says:

    Aaagh! And various unprintable things…

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