Evil Genius

Today’s Dilbert really made me smile, and reminded me of one of those e-mails that did the rounds years back, “If I were an evil overlord…”.
So I went looking online and found a whole site devoted to “If I were …” lists – EvilRulers.com. The original one I was thinking of is more like what’s at EvilOverlord.com. There’s even a Squidoo page on A quick guide to becoming an Evil Genius. Should we be worried so many people want to be evil and/or rule the world?

2 comments on “Evil Genius

  1. J. Steven York says:

    Your post triggered a Google alert I had set up for “If I Were an Evil Overlord,” which happens to be the title of a fiction anthology in which one of my stories appears. It’s currently availible in mass-market paperback from Penguin.

    Also, as it happens, one of my side-projects is a weekly web-comic called “Minions at Work,” which concerns the misadventures of the hapless guys in jumpsuits who work for all those super-villains and overlords. You can find it at http://www.MinionsAtWork.com

  2. Lore Librarian says:

    That’s so funny! Thanks! I’ll have to look out the book. 🙂

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