Halloween Links

Some Halloween-related links:

History of Halloween
Halloween e-card
Shelf Check #121
Skull a day blog
Exorcist wanted for library loo! Via Lis News
Symphonies of Terror: Halloween Movie Soundtracks to Make You Shiver
Haunted Libraries Around the World
Halloween is here jokes
Halloween Search Engine logos

Halloween Ghost Stories
Twenty Spooky Stories via librarian.net

Halloween Awakening
The Shining – Bunnies
Watch horror B-Movies online
This is Halloween from Nightmare Before Christmas

Undead Smackdown
Simpson’s Halloween Puzzle
Halloween Jigsaw
Halloween Jigsaws

Happy Samhain

One comment on “Halloween Links

  1. hilljimmy says:

    Thanx for the list. Now I know what I’m going to do this Halloween.

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