Being off sick

I was off sick for a few days last week. I really hate being off sick. Not a fun time. To start with you feel lousy. Secondly you have to do the whole ‘calling-in’ thing, where you have to explain and hope that you don’t sound like you’re putting it on.. And then there is the vague guilt – even though you really are ill. Then, depending on how sick you are, there’s the boredom factor – a day can seem quite long when you can’t really go anywhere or do anything – sitting around in front of the tv or with a book, assuming you get up and out of bed in the first place (which you have to do anyway in order to call in sick). Then there’s the worry about the work that is piling up while you are away, the additional guilt of knowing your colleagues are having to cover for you, and all in all it just really sucks. Then there’s the first day back from being off – answering all the questions of how are you, are you better, what was wrong etc, suffering because you’ve probably gone back before you’re completely over it (due to the guilt thing, or maybe worrying about how many sick days you have left), feeling swamped by the large number of emails you received, and wishing you were back home in bed.
If only there were some way to not get ill. Of course, it would help if other people didn’t come in even when they were sick – passing their lovely germs around. Or if we could work from home when we felt vaguely ill – you know, ill enough you don’t want to drag yourself out of bed at half past six in the dark, and make the long journey into work, but not really ill enough to justify having a day off.
Also – is it ok to blog if you’re off sick? Obviously if you’re well enough to use the phone to call in sick, you’re probably well enough to use a computer and write a post (though coherency may sometimes be a problem), but would a boss see it that way?
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