Interesting things of the week # 27

Aniboom – make animations! Hours of fun making shapes move about.

Judicial Transcripts Wiki

How Google, Wikipedia Have Changed Our Lives — For Better and Worse

Which Buffy character are you? I’m Willow!

Galaxy It search engine – Interesting new search engine, looks pretty, worth a look

Monkey See – how to do things. Like solve a Rubik’s cube (I have had ‘Only a Game’ in my head all morning. Very sad!)

Lazy Productivity – my type of thing! Have been trying it out over the past two days, and it is working so far. 🙂 Focussing on three tasks helps me to get on with them, rather than sit staring at my massively long to-do list and get depressed!

Lots about the silence from Google Librarian Central
Phil Bradley, Library Stuff, Librarian in Black, Stephen Abram, Phil again.But still no word from Google. They don’t love us 😦

Danish library plans to house cartoons of prophet Muhammad – Guardian

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