Chartership – Taking the plunge

I have decided to get chartered. It’s something I’ve been considering for a while, but have been putting off. In fact, it has taken me four years of thinking about it to finally decide to get on with it. I know plenty of people who have chartered already, more who haven’t, and aren’t planning on it.
I’m hoping it will be a good experience – good for my professional/personal development, and for my career.

4 comments on “Chartership – Taking the plunge

  1. Jennie says:

    Good luck!
    One thing that helped me sort it all out was doing it on a wiki – a page per evidence item / relevant doc, attaching the right doc to the right page, accessing it on the go etc.

    It’s not that bad…it’s just the support for it from CILIP as an institution leaves a lot to be desired…the individual mentors and support officers I’ve found to be fab!

  2. Jenenifer says:

    Good luck!

    I’ll be curious to see how you find it – I admit that I don’t really understand the relevance of chartership, so I’m interested to see how it goes for you 🙂

  3. Lore Librarian says:

    Thanks guys!

    I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

  4. Davina says:

    good luck!!! I look forward to hearing your comments on the process – I’m thinking that it may be something I do in a few years time.

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