Interesting Things of the Week #42

Sweet sweets nostalgia

xTimeline – create your own timeline

The Complete Newgate Calendar – notorious crimes from the 17/1800s

Shiny Shiny – a girl’s guide to gadgets

Refound the Purity tests website – lots of fun tests, including Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Purity Test, Hippie Jesus Freak Purity Test and the Niceness Purity Test

Executed Today gives the story of an historical execution that took place each day.

3 comments on “Interesting Things of the Week #42

  1. James Mullan says:

    I used to love playing the HitchHikers guide to the Galaxy at school. I could never get past the Vogon ship though I kept getting thrown into space!

  2. Lore Librarian says:

    That’s about as far as I have got. There is a walkthrough somewhere, but I haven’t got that desperate yet! Maybe one day…

  3. ExecutedToday says:

    Well, this is awesome.

    Thanks for linking little old me out of this trove. What a great blog!

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