Chartership – some small progress

I attended a course entitled Chartership and Beyond (which I hear in my head in Buzz Lightyear’s voice) a couple of months ago. It was interesting, and informative and cheap, so all good there. The main talk was by Michael Martin on Preparing for Chartership. He had lots of useful info, like the fact that you can backdate your evidence as far back as when you finished your Library course. He also, during the tea break, reassured some of us that if you choose a mentor you don’t get on with, you can change them. Then we were given a talk by someone who had recently finished their Chartership. He was very enthusiastic, and went so far as to call the process fun! Not too sure I believe him on that one, but it was nice to hear such positive things. His part of the day overran somewhat, so we didn’t really get much in the way of the portfolio workshop or action planning in, but nobody seemed too bothered by that.
It inspired me to register (which I have now done), and someone (though I can’t remember who) told us about the JISCMAIL list for Chartership candidates LIS-CILIP-REG, which I have now signed up for. I am still umming and ahhing over the mentor selection, but have now filled in my mentee information form, and plan to contact a potential mentor this week.

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