New job

Well, I have done it. I have renounced the exciting, rough and tumble, rock’n’roll, thrill-a-minute life of a law librarian, and abandoned the lights of London. My new job is in a university library, doing various web-related things, including looking into using Web 2.0! All very exciting. And hopefully different to my previous job where the conversation tended to go like:

Me: I want to do this really cool thing that would make all our lives much easier.
IT: No.

I am still getting settled in really, getting to know who is who, who does what, what is online already, that kind of thing. It is a very different environment to a commercial law library (my only previous work experience), so there will be a bit of adjusting to do. For example, I get tea breaks. Actual breaks where I can leave my desk and go to a staff room and sit/chat/read/whatever. (Luckily the actual tea part is optional). Very strange – I keep forgetting to take them. Also there are lots of students around (a seemingly inexhaustible supply), and no lawyers (though there are law students, so if I feel nostalgic I can still log on to Lexis or Westlaw). I haven’t been on the enquiry desk yet, but I suspect the types of query are vastly different. The library itself is much larger than any I have worked in before (spread across 5 floors), and there are a lot more library staff around.
Anyway, I will hopefully be able to post more often (as I will theoretically have more time/come across more relevant things) in the future.

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