Chartership Redux

Now that I am all settled in at my job I have decided to get back on the chartership horse. I have a mentor, who conveniently works two offices away, so that particular challenge has been overcome with ease this time around.
As I was already registered with Cilip, I didn’t need to do this again, which was good, as I didn’t really want to spend another £50 on it. All I had to do then was send off my mentor agreement form, which I did (actually I also had a few problems with my Cilip membership as my bank hadn’t set up the direct debit, so I had to sort this out first).

I have now had two meetings with my mentor. We have set it up to meet once a month, and away from the office, so that it feels less like work. I meant to write something about the first meeting, but the month just flew by, and then the same happened with the second meeting. I called off the third, as I really hadn’t done anything, having been completely run off my feet with work. In the future I am going to try to make a bit of time each week to do at least something.

In the first meeting we discussed the whole process, and why I had ground to a halt the previous times I had started down the road to chartering. Hopefully that won’t happen this time. The second meeting felt productive. I had started on my PPDP the day before, so we discussed that, and decided some action points for me. I find the best way to make sure I do things is to have meetings – that way even though I may put it off until the last minute, I will (usually) do them just in time.

So for the next meeting I am trying to finish off my PPDP. It is quite difficult trying to decide what training and development I want to do. I am lucky that my place of work is very good at sending people on courses, and apparently happy to do job shadowing etc. I have put things down that I have already started doing, and am now thinking of other things that I want to do. It is not too scary, as the PPDP I submit now does not have to be the same as the final one, so I can make changes. Phew. So I am busily filling this in, booking myself onto training courses, and reading other people’s portfolios, and should have plenty to talk about in my next meeting.

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