Chartership again

My chartership progress has stalled recently – too much time off on holiday, being swamped with work, both before and on return, and getting stuck at home in the snow. But this afternoon I am off on the next of the series of CPD25 training sessions – this one is on Introduction to Developing a Service – and next week I have promised my mentor that I will be bringing along a first draft of my evaluative statement. So I am feeling a lot more motivated all of a sudden!

The statement is something I have been procrastinating about for a while – it seemed like such a big scary part of the portfolio, and I hate having to write to word limits – I used to spend hours at uni trying to cut words out of overly-long essays – but now that I have made a start, it doesn’t seem so bad. I have also looked through some sample portfolios – those on the CILIP website, and some my mentor kindly lent me – and these have helped inspire me.

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