Copyright course

Last week I attended the CPD25 course Copyright for Higher Education Professionals. It was a really useful session, and I was impressed by the presenter,  Monique Ritchie, from Brunel University, who managed to run a two hour session on copyright without boring us all!

The session covered the legislation involved, the different lengths of copyright for different formats – the most complex of which seemed to be film, for which you have to wait 70 years from the end of the year in which the last of the director, screenplay author, dialogue author or music composer died.

Next the presenter covered the exceptions to the legislation (and pointed out these are not rights, but defences) – Fair Dealing (non-commercial research/private study/criticism and review), Accessible copies for visually impaired people (but not dyslexic people), instruction or examination, library privilege (ILL, replacements).

There was then an excercise, where we were given a sheet full of various copying scenarios, and in groups we discussed whether they would be allowed, and under which exception.

It was a useful course, and gave a very good introduction to copyright. I think, though, that I am  quite happy not to be responsible for copyright in my place of work.

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