Farnham Library

I joined Farnham Library the other day – something I’ve been meaning to do for quite a while. The first task was getting in to the Library – it is slightly confusing, as there is a big door and opening hours off the main street, but I don’t think you can get in that way (not sure, it isn’t very welcoming if you can, but if you can’t it is an odd place to have the opening hours up). I went in through the car park entrance. Much easier.

Once inside, there was a very small queue at the help desk, but I didn’t have too long to wait. I was greeted by a helpful Library Assistant – I know she was a Library Assistant, as she had a name badge with it on (something which might be an idea for my Library, to stop all those ‘do you work here?’ questions) – who seemed quite pleased I had remembered to bring some id with my address on. I had to choose one of the Library card designs, which threw me a little, as I hadn’t been expecting to have to make any decisions at this point. I picked  one with Newlands Corner on, pretty much at random – there weren’t any with anything in Farnham on. I had to sign my name in a book, sign the card, then was given my PIN, and a few leaflets, and that was it. I had a quick browse round the shelves, found a couple of books to borrow, and then faced my first time using the self-service machine. It was thankfully easy (how embarrassing it would have been if I’d had to ask for help!!), and I opted to print a receipt to remind me when the books are due back (and it doubles as a handy bookmark).

It seemed like a nice enough place – not huge, but not tiny either.  It was interesting to see the sizes of the various sections – lots of crime books, and general fiction, a small amount of sci-fi/fantasy, and lots of non-fiction. There was also a quick-browse section, and a small-ish number of computers available for internet access.

I’ll be going back (well, I have to, to return my books).

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