Chartership – all over bar the waiting

Well, I’ve finally done it! My chartership portfolio is currently with CILIP awaiting assessment, and all I can do is wait and hope it is ok.

It was a very nice feeling indeed, finishing the portfolio. I had been umming and ahhing over it for quite a while, reluctant to finalise anything, which was quite silly really. I had done most of the work, made my final decisions on what to include, what to exclude, and the order of it all, and I just had a very small amount left to do. So just before Christmas I found some time to sit down and go through everything one last time, finish off my statement and double check all my cross references. I decided to just send two hard copies, and send one electronically, mainly as it is much cheaper that way. Having my portfolio printed and bound was great – it made it look much smarter than I had expected.  I sent it off in the post and felt vaguely relieved – just had my electronic copy to email. I planned to do this on my first day back at work, which I thought would roughly coincide with the arrival of the hardcopy – however I evidently underestimated the post office, as I had a phone call from CILIP on Tuesday to let me know the two hardcopies had arrived, and ask about the third copy. I duly emailed it yesterday, and now it is all over!

My final meeting with my mentor went well, and we have planned to meet for celebratory (hopefully) drinks.

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