Merry Christmas

Last year I posted a whole load of Christmas games – here are some more, along with some other Christmassy things.

Santa Panic

Rudolph’s Rooftop Challenge

Turkey Berserkey

Santa Sliders

Diving Penguins


Chicken Invaders Christmas Edition

Christmas song

Wham! – Last Christmas video

Mr Bean’s Christmas Disaster

Halloween Links

Some Halloween-related links:

History of Halloween
Halloween e-card
Shelf Check #121
Skull a day blog
Exorcist wanted for library loo! Via Lis News
Symphonies of Terror: Halloween Movie Soundtracks to Make You Shiver
Haunted Libraries Around the World
Halloween is here jokes
Halloween Search Engine logos

Halloween Ghost Stories
Twenty Spooky Stories via

Halloween Awakening
The Shining – Bunnies
Watch horror B-Movies online
This is Halloween from Nightmare Before Christmas

Undead Smackdown
Simpson’s Halloween Puzzle
Halloween Jigsaw
Halloween Jigsaws

Happy Samhain


Today is the Spring (or Vernal) Equinox, so I have been having a look at a few sites about it.

The BBC’s religions site has a page on the Spring Equinox

And the Religious Tolerance Organisation has an interesting article looking at the Spring Equinox in different beliefs.

Wikipedia has interesting info on Equinoxes generally.

I came across this fantastically long-ranging list of Vernal Equinox Dates and Times of Day each year for 1096 years
1452 – 2547′

This astronomy site includes a movie illustrating the tilt of the Earth’s equatorial plane relative to the Sun, and also, discusses the superstition that it is possible to stand an egg upright on its end on the date of the equinoxes

Happy Ostara!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Back at work now, unfortunately. I had over 2000 articles in my bloglines account, and to be honest, had to skip a few, before I went completely nuts.
There were lots of interesting sites thrown up, here are a few:
Current Awareness for Library & Information Managers search
Law Search
Encyclopedia Britannica – which is apparenly letting bloggers/website managers link to full articles for free!
Statute Law Database – which I’ll blog about in more detail later on…

South Park studio 2
Turn the Page cartoon
Giveaway of the day: there’s also a free game of the day, but I can’t see it, due to the firewall.
2.0 Logo maker
Tiny icon maker
Online tarot

Advent calendar

Richard Sellmer’s (a German advent calendar company)Online Advent Calendar museum has a history of the advent calendar, and examples of lots of old advent calendars.

Lots of advent calendars available online. Some of the better ones include: have one with puzzles, jokes etc. You can open the ‘doors’ before the correct date (if you are the sort of person who likes to do that).

Woodland’s Junior School have an educational advent calendar, with facts about other countries. I’m assuming – it’s India today, but you can’t peek ahead. provides a Christmas related item every day – today it is a poem. No peeking here either.

Billy Bear provides two advent calendars – one Special Advent Calendar, with no peeking, which provides free clipart, games, and programmes, and a Wallpaper Advent Calendar, with downloadable wallpaper.

BBC Radio 3 has Bach Advent Calendar with a quiz and music clips.

There are loads more.