Interesting Things of the Week #195

Automatic love – why Librarians should learn scripting

 35 Things You Should Never Say to a Book Lover

From the people who brought you floors

What fuels a Tweet’s engagement?

Open Access Maps at NY Public Library

Wellcome Library digitising 25,000 19th-century medical books!

How to Stream Your Movie Collection Anywhere with Google Drive

Interesting Things of the Week #194

TNT Eyeing ‘The Librarian’ TV Series

Analysis: When was the Web really invented?

8 pronunciation errors that made the English language what it is today

‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ 30th Anniversary Edition Video Game

New Report Hails Librarians as Drivers of Digital Transition

Can institutional tweets turn the tide of student opinion?

Modern life damaging infant brains, charity warns

How to Create Library (or any other) Floor Plans

Kevin Spacey’s Life in 30 Seconds (and re-enacted by Bunnies)

Interesting Things of the Week #193

Files to Friends – send large (1GB free, 5GB with subscription) files

Your Website is Already Mobile

Shooting Yourself in the Foot! Four Things Managers and Supervisors Do to Make Their Work More Difficult Than it Needs to Be – webinar 11/03/2014 at 10:30EST

The Oxford English Dictionary Wants YOU!

Getty Images making pictures free to use

App-pocalypse Now

10 Free Audiobook Sites to Get Your Bookworm On

Interesting Things of the Week #192

Timeline of the Far Future – from BBC Future, which is “not  accessible from the UK as it is part of our international service and is not funded by the licence fee.”  – use Hola to view

The technologies that are shaking up education – in pictures


Good RelationTips infographic

Social Media Skills for Librarians

Librarypedia: The Future of Libraries and Wikipedia

24 Cool Facts About Everyday Life That Might Surprise You

5 Common Marketing Message Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Screencastify – record activity on a tab in Chrome

Interesting Things of the Week #191

Mobile Access – What Do Libraries Want? – my presentation from the JISC Mobile workshop on 22 January

Fantasy and Science Fiction: The Human Mind, Our Modern World – I’ve just signed up for this MOOC on Coursera

You Bought It, You Own It! Time to Reclaim the Right to Use/Tinker/Repair/Make/Sell/Lend Your Stuff

Robert Llewellyn in Electric car trip London-to-Edinburgh in a day

A bad year for our annual Top Ten Top Ten Top Ten list

Can Video Games Make You Smarter?