Merry Christmas

Last year I posted a whole load of Christmas games – here are some more, along with some other Christmassy things.

Santa Panic

Rudolph’s Rooftop Challenge

Turkey Berserkey

Santa Sliders

Diving Penguins


Chicken Invaders Christmas Edition

Christmas song

Wham! – Last Christmas video

Mr Bean’s Christmas Disaster

Advent calendar

Richard Sellmer’s (a German advent calendar company)Online Advent Calendar museum has a history of the advent calendar, and examples of lots of old advent calendars.

Lots of advent calendars available online. Some of the better ones include: have one with puzzles, jokes etc. You can open the ‘doors’ before the correct date (if you are the sort of person who likes to do that).

Woodland’s Junior School have an educational advent calendar, with facts about other countries. I’m assuming – it’s India today, but you can’t peek ahead. provides a Christmas related item every day – today it is a poem. No peeking here either.

Billy Bear provides two advent calendars – one Special Advent Calendar, with no peeking, which provides free clipart, games, and programmes, and a Wallpaper Advent Calendar, with downloadable wallpaper.

BBC Radio 3 has Bach Advent Calendar with a quiz and music clips.

There are loads more.