I’ve been noticing lots of dictionary/definition sites recently, so thought I’d pop them all in a list together.

Metaglossary : “harvests definitions from the entire web”. It searches the internet for definitions of a word or phrase, and brings back summary results in context, along with links to the source. It works quite well, depending on the word or phrase – a search for JavaScript, for example, returns four results, all of which look relevant. A search for eldritch only returns one result. You also get the option to move results up and down the list depending on their helpfulness, and to submit a better definition (if you’re registered).

WordSource: “The Social Dictionary”. It provides definitions, synonyms etc, and related photos, allows tagging (if you’re signed in), and has a hangman game! It also allows you to search for words by prefix or suffix.

Visual Thesaurus: “An interactive dictionary and thesaurus with an innovative display that encourages exploration and learning”. Which is nice. You type in a word and you get a spider diagram thing, with similar words, and you have to hover over a yellow circle for the definition. A bit odd. Definition for eldritch identical to that on WordSource.

Ninja Words: “A really fast dictionary… fast like a ninja.” Hmm. Works pretty quickly, true. It keeps the words you have looked up on screen, so if you look up several words, they are all displayed in a list, which I quite like. You can also look up a random word, which is fun, and possibly useful for compiling qord puzzles.

OneLook: This lets you look up definitions or translations across over 900 online dictionaries. Which is a lot. It just provides a list of links to definitions, and a quick definition.