Interesting Things of the Week #170

Social Media in Real Life

Fool’s Gold? – THE article 

Best Practice for File Naming – video

8 Hidden but Powerful Google Tools for Business – including GoMo to test your site’s mobile friendliness

allmytweets – view all your tweets (up to 3200) on one page

The Secret Door

Source: via Claire on Pinterest

Interesting Things of the Week #169

Back to the Future in 60 Seconds

Librarian Design Share

Removing Library Jargon from our Home page – what Google Analytics tells us

Know When to Use Which File Format: PNG vs. JPG, DOC vs. PDF, MP3 vs. FLAC

15 Websites To Test Your Codes Online

Colour Blindness Simulator

Interesting Things of the Week #168

DAFUQ You Say to Me?: CNBC Calls Librarian one of the 10 Least Stressful Jobs for 2013

Plus-One This: Proof That Google Plus Will Prevail

15 Bizarre Inventions from the Past You Won’t Believe Are Real

17 Web-based Sketching and Painting Tools

The National Archives celebrates LGBT History Month

The Most Sadistic Apps That Force You to Get Stuff Done

What Twitter Really Looks Like

Interesting Things of the Week #165

Good Noows – online rss reader. I quite like it, you can change the layout and set different folders to view with different layouts.

Bomb Sight – interactive map showing locations of bombs hitting London during the Blitz.

Archify – captures all your browsing and social media history to find later.

25 of the Most Wonderful Book Covers of the Year