Government RSS Feeds

There’s been some criticism recently on government feeds, and their non-existence or the difficulty of finding those that do exist.

I was subscribed to a few feeds – those which were easy to find – such as the OPSI legislation ones, and the DCA. But after reading the discussions, and noticing a few new feeds (and many thanks to lo fi librarian for pointing out the parliament feeds, though I still can’t get them to work properly), I thought it would be useful to have a list of all the feeds available from the government/parliament. I couldn’t find one. I wound up searching google- which as you can imagine brought back a whole heap of feeds I didn’t need (like lots of local councils – though it’s good to see how many of them have feeds!). But I weeded through it a bit, and created a list of feeds to add to my feedreader.

If anyone knows of any that I have missed, please let me know! (There is a list of ones that I have checked but could not find at the bottom of this post).

Here is the list:
Audit Commission – press releases, latest reports
Child Support Agency
Commission for Rural Communities, News, Publications, Blog
Competition Commission
Department for Communities and Local Government
Department for Constitutional Affairs
Department for Culture, Media & Sport, FOI requests, Creative Economy Programme
Department for Education and Skills, FOI requests, Speeches, Hot Topics
Department for Work and Pensions- pensions reform, pensions reform comments, welfare reform and child poverty
Food Standards Agency
Greater London Authority – a list of feeds
Health and Safety Executive – a list of feeds
Highways Agency – list of feeds
HM Treasury
Home Office – (on the home office press website)
House of Commons Debates via They Work for You
House of Lords Debates via They Work for You
Information Commissioner’s Office – Decision Notices, Press Releases
info4local – list of feeds
IT Safe
Local Government Association
Maritime and Coastguard Agency – press releases, Marine Notices
Ministry of Defence- top stories, stories, last 7 days
National Archives podcasts
National Office of Statistics
Number 10:
Ofcom –News, consultations
Office of Fair Trading: Press Releases, Mergers
Pensions regulator
TfL –Press Releases, traffic alerts
TSO Official Documents
Westminster Hall via They Work for You –
Written Ministerial Statements via They Work for You
Youth Justice Board – News, What’s New

UK Acts of Parliament
UK Statutory Instruments
Scotland Acts
Scotland SIs
NI Acts
NI Orders in Council

Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS)
Index of Rolls of the Court of Session and High Court of Justiciary
Scottish Executive News Online
Scottish Executive News by subject index page

Welsh Assembly latest news and events

And here is the list of departments for which I could not find any feeds:
Cabinet Office
Deputy Prime Minister
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Foreign & Commonwealth Office
Department of Health
Department for International DevelopmentLaw Officers’ DepartmentLeader of the House of Commons
Northern Ireland Office
Privy Council Office
Scotland Office
Department of Trade and Industry
Department for Transport
Wales Office